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ND4™ + epik™ Lens Series

Variable Progressive

Fixed Progressive


Our most advanced technology for digital, balanced, and active lifestyles.


All-day options for

every vision need.


Digital office lenses for progressive wearers.


Enhanced single vision performance for digital device users.


A breakthrough for bifocal wearers -

no visible line. 

ND4™ + epik™ Variable Progressive
ND4™ Fixed Progressive
micropoint technology-01.png

Advanced technology provides for visual acuity over entire lens, natural posture while reading, excellent 3D vision and spatial perception, spontaneous compatibility, sharp vision, and fatigue-free reading. 

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Retina Focus Optimization

Infinite Position of Wear

  • Accounts for individual wearing situation 

  • Imaging is true-to-refraction through more accurate powers as experienced by the wearer

Power Optimized Inset

  • Precise positioning of corridor based on wearer’s Rx

  • More natural convergence and easier accommodation

MicroPoint™ Technology

Precision Augmentation

  • More precise calculation of zone sizes

  • Optimally proportioned viewing zones in every frame

  • Easier eye movement from distance to near

Custom Variable Corridor

or Fixed Corridor

  • Variable Corridor adjusted in .1mm increments for patient’s exact frame shape

  • Fixed Corridor available in 14, 17, and 20mm fitting heights

  • Excellent near vision with minimal peripheral astigmatism

Full Rx Compensation

  • Design compensated for patient’s Rx

  • Widest viewing zones, regardless of prescription

  • Unique algorithm accounts for high-order aberrations resulting from pupil dilation

  • Enhances clarity and contrast in all lighting, Night+Day


Pupil-Optimized Correction


Variable  (Balanced Performance)

Balanced across the near, intermediate, and distance for excellent performance in the full range of daily activities. For a balanced lifestyle between indoor, outdoor, and device use.

Variable Device (Digital Lifestyle)

Faster to power, wide intermediate and near. For those who spend additional time on mobile digital devices.

Variable Active (Active Lifestyle)

Designed for active people with significant amounts of head movement - sports, driving, biking, etc.


Designed for patients who want balanced, all-day comfort and prefer a fixed corridor.

Variable Computer Phone.png
epk™ Variable Proressives
people progressives.jpg
people progressives.jpg
epik™ Progressives

epik™ Day & epik™ Standard 

: Low levels of optical astigmatism, skew distortion and swim 
: Near zone is wider (and wider higher up)
: Wide intermediate
: Addition Power Profile that ramps up rapidly
: Generous distance clear above 180

epik™ Standard computer desk phone.png

epik™ Standard ★★★

Full Rx Compensation with two options for 14-17mm and 17-22 mm fit heights.

epik™ Day computer desk phone.png

epik™ Day ★★★★

Full Rx compensation with five options for 13, 15, 17, 19, and 21mm fit heights.


: Our best free form single vision lens
: Widest fields of vision 

: Essential for high-power/cylinder

: OC and mono PD recommended

: UPGRADE to the ND4™ Series pupil-optimized  correction for enhanced contrast and clarity in all lighting situations, Night+Day

Other SV.png
epik™ Progressives & FFSV
epik™ Office UltraHD
Screen Shot 2021-09-30 at 10.13.41 AM.png

Simple Prescribing!

Office work and many other activities require sustained intermediate and near vision. Progressives do not provide a large enough viewing zone to support these activities comfortably. epik™ Office UltraHD lenses feature wider intermediate and reading zones.

epik™ Office UltraHD Lens Features 

: Designed for wider intermediate and near, low astigmatism.

: Three intermediate focal lengths for simple prescribing.

: 14 to 35mm fitting heights.

: Optimized with Rx and Position of Wear compensation.

: Ordered and fit like a progressive lens.

Office UltraHD Distance Chart.png

epik™ Office UltraHD lenses do not offer a clear field of view beyond 16 feet. They should NEVER be used driving or for activities that require clear distance vision.

© 2021 epik™ Office UltraHD is a trademark of GSRx®, Inc. Parameters such as decentration, prescribed prism, patient Rx and frame parameters will impact actual Rx range.


  • Provide progressive Rx and measurements

  • Choose desired intermediate focal length based on the wearer's requirements.


  • Fit like a progressive lens.

  • Use monocular PD.

  • Minimum frame B dimension of 25mm.

  • 14 to 35mm fitting heights.



  • Order like a progressive, specify the intermediate focal length.


epik™ Office HD
epik™ DRV
DRV People.jpg

UPGRADE to the ND4™ Series!


DRV - Digital Relaxed Vision

Digital eyestrain complaints are highest in the 18-40 age group. Most people hold mobile devices about 25% closer than printed materials, and symptoms of presbyopia are occurring at earlier ages.

epik DRV.jpeg
epik DRV reading.jpg


Wide natural

distance zone

Almost unperceived peripheral astigmatism

Wide enhanced

near zone 

: Enhanced single vision design with patented back-surface free-form technology.

: Choice of +0.50, +0.80, or +1.10 diopter power boost in the lower part of the lens.

: Allows eye muscles to relax for easier accommodation and reduced eyestrain.

: Ideal for wearers aged 18 to 40 who need extra near vision support.

: Individual free-form design with prescription optimization.

: Upgrade to the ND4™ Series pupil-optimized correction for enhanced clarity in all lighting.


Suggested Power Boost by Age

18-35 Years
35-45 Years
45+ Years




epik™ iBifocal

The epik™ iBifocal is a breakthrough for D28 wearers with advanced performance and aesthetic appeal - no line. Optimized for high visual acuity over the entire lens, it is quick to full power without disturbing image jump. Ideal for wearers of all ages.

Traditional Bifocal.png
iBifocal People.png




: Smooth transition zone - invisible near segment and step-less transition from far to near.

: Wide, accessible near.

: Corridor length around 6mm to reading power (not intended for sustained intermediate vision).

: Free form technology - retina focus principle. 

: MUST be fit like a progressive with proper OC height and Monocular PDs.

: 14mm minimum fitting height, and 20 mm minimum lens height. 

epik™ iBifocal
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