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epik™ BLUE is now available across the GSRx portfolio of lens materials & designs
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Every patient deserves protection - but other lenses on the market only protect through part of the spectrum, and are often cost-prohibitive.


epik™ BLUE lenses powered by UVhp™ go beyond UV for maximum performance - absorbing approximately 60% of blue light rays between 380-450nm, and up to 90% between 380-420nm, the range others miss out on. 

Available in:

  • CR-39

  • Polycarbonate

  • Trivex™

  • 1.60

  • 1.67

  • 1.74

Growing evidence identified health concerns across all age groups related to cumulative blue light exposure and increased digital screen usage. Source: California S. Res. 73 Ch. 158, 2019

  • Disrupted melatonin production resulting in mood disorders; sleep disorders; and, lowered alertness and reaction times.

  • Digital eye strain symptoms such as tired, dry eyes; headaches; and, blurry vision. 

  • Premature aging of the retina, which may accelerate macular degeneration.

blue light spectrum.png

Depending on the lens material selected, epik™ BLUE absorbs up to 60% of blue light in the hazard range of 380-450nm; and up to 90% from 380-420nm. 

Protection without compromise.

epik™ BLUE is a clear lens material that mimics the protective tint that develops in the eye’s crystalline lens as we mature.


A combination of proprietary optical pigment and melanin is infused directly into the lens material to create a lens that is inherently UV and blue light absorptive.​

:  Blue light absorptive lens material – not a coating

:  Absorbs virtually all blue light below 420nm, with significant absorption up to 450nm

:  Allows beneficial blue light to pass through while being virtually clear - no yellow tint

:  Available in the widest range of materials on the market and in plano

:  Compatible with Infinity® Non-Glare coatings

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