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GSRx is proud to partner with
Captive Communications™, a premium,
digital message-on-hold provider, ​to offer 
an exclusive program for our customers.
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The GSRx Captive Communications™ On-Hold Message Program is a cost-effective tool to promote your services in a highly professional format. What patients hear while on-hold is vital, and Captive Communications uses its 30+ years in the advertising industry to help you communicate with your patients. Message-on-hold works, and here's why:

  • 60% of callers put on "silent" hold will hang up

  • 30% of first-time callers who hang up, do not call back

  • 16-20% of callers make a purchase based on an on-hold offer

  • Offices with on-hold messaging see a 15% increase in inquiries, and 12% increase in requests for services

By allowing GSRx to include product-specific messages alongside your own office customized and generic eye-health related messages, offices can take advantage of a significant cost savings over similar, less-effective programs. The messages on your system will be customized to:

  • Highlight details about your office

  • Inform and educate patients of generic eye health topics

  • Introduce patients to GSRx's lens products, Proper Optics®, and {Office chooses appropriate message groups to match their GSRx and Proper Optics product offerings.)


Once signed up, offices will work directly with Captive Communications for customization and installation as well as invoicing. Subscriptions are offered to GSRx partners at a significant savings! Please contact your sales rep for information, download the info PDF, or submit the online form below to get started today! 

Message on Hold Program Sign Up
Subscription Options & Pricing Details

Unlimited Message Updates - BEST OPTION
Discounted cost (per location, when paid in full annually**):  

Includes ProDigital USB System if needed

Unlimited updates give you the ultimate flexibility in marketing in-store promotions, seasonal information, and more! Anytime you want a new message, you'll contact Captive Communications and receive a new production via e-mail in a timely manner.

Quarterly Message Updates
Discounted cost (per location, when paid in full annually**):  

$40/month ​
Includes ProDigital USB System if needed

Quarterly updates:  Offices can only create new
​message rotations once every 3 months. 

** Month-to-month options billed with a 5% surcharge 

Choose Message Update Frequency
Do you currently carry Proper Optics eyewear in your office?
Choose One or More Message Groups
Are you currently a e-commerce partner?

Thank you!

Captive Communications will be in touch to

set your message-on-hold program up. 

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