DVI RxWizard™ is a fully-integrated, customized for GSRx system that increases job accuracy and turnaround time by ensuring complete job information and eliminating transcription errors. With RxWizard™ you can: 

  • Easily view product availability and packaged programs specific to GSRx.

  • Accurately select and enter lens and prescription details.

  • Transmit lens or frame tracings.

  • Receive status reports on in-process jobs and access archived orders. 

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New Download & Installation of RxWizard™

Note:  RxWizard™ operates on Windows software.

  1. If the button doesn't work, visit http://www.thedvi.com/plugin.php and select the To preview Beta option.

  2. Open the .exe file that downloads and choose Run when prompted.

  3. Enter the password:  slaboff and click Next.

  4. Follow the on-screen prompts and answer Yes or Next then Finish. This will install and add the DVI icon to your desktop.

  5. Click on the DVI icon to open the software.

  6. Complete the DVI Remote Entry Options*. Click Ok.

  7. Go to Setup > Accounts > Add.

  8. Enter your Account Name.

  9. Enter your Web ID and Password (provided by GSRx).

*For ease in processing, we recommend the Remote Entry Options be set to the following:

  • D - Job ship options

  • 9999 - Days to archive

  • N - Autoprint Jobs (no)

  • A - Autoprint all frame-to-come orders

  • I - Transmit orders via DVI Internet

Add GSRx to an existing Installation of RxWizard™
  1. From the main screen, confirm the version of software you have by going to Help and click on About

  2. If the version does not show 6.18.00 follow the New Download & Installation instructions; click Yes when the prompt asks to overwrite the existing software. Note:  this will update the icon and keep your stored information.

  3. If you have the most recent version, go to Setup > Accounts > Add.

  4. Enter your Web ID and Password (provided by GSRx).

DVI Video Tutorial - Getting Started with RxWizard™