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Proper Optics Famil Vision Plan

Low-reimbursement, low-benefit vision plans, and plans that send your ​patients elsewhere...

​More Patients, More Profits With Proper Optics Family Vision Plans


If you’re tired of discount plans that dictate your margins and exam fees, or competition from chain retail competitors in your market - you’re not alone.


You can offer an alternative that is better for companies in your area, better for their employees, and better for you:  The Family Vision Plan from Proper Optics.

Fully customizable, simple, and easy to manage.

The plan lets you offer better service, better eyewear, and better value - at no cost to the employer or patients. 

It is NOT insurance, but a customizable discount program. 

GSRx will work with you to customize both informational materials to help you obtain commitment from area employers and membership materials. 

Use suggested retail pricing, or set your own and customize the plan by adding incentives such as:

  • A discount on full exams.

  • Upgrades to branded frames.

  • Second pair package discounts for sunwear, computer lenses, and other lifestyle lenses.

How to Launch the Proper Optics Family Vision Plan in Your Market

1.   Customize your program. Choose your retail prices and program incentives, then approve your Family Vision Plan documents and membership cards for printing by GSRx.*

2.   Target and contact employers:

  • Who provide only a discount plan.

  • Who provide plans that offer you low reimbursements, have high copays, or poor coverage.

  • Who have an exclusive plan with a larger retailer or a competing practice.

  • Who have few or no employees who are current patients for your practice.

3.   Provide employers with a plan number and ID specific to them. For example, the City of Metropolis has agreed to provide this benefit to their employees. Plan ID could be COM20 for City of Metropolis 2020, or any other designation easy for your employees to recognize.

4.   Reap the rewards. When employees arrive for their appointments, talk about the excellent benefit they are receiving, the unsurpassed quality of the products, and the exceptional medical care coming from your office.

*GSRx subsidizes half the printing cost. $300 includes customization and printing of 500 brochures, 1,000 #10 envelopes, 1,000 rack cards, 1,000 plastic member cards, editable letterhead file.

GSRx Family Vision Plan Materials.png
GSRx Family Vision Plan Materials.png
Ready to Launch?
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