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Restoring Vision: Hurricane Dorian

Updated: Apr 12, 2021

Hurricane Dorian, the most devastating tropical storm ever to hit the Bahamas, struck in September of last year with winds peaking at 185 mph. The damage was catastrophic, with thousands of homes destroyed and many lives lost. The island nation’s infrastructure was severely damaged, leaving people in need of many essential services, including vision care.

After reaching out to LENSES, one of our partner practices located in Nassau, GSRx decided to help. Working with the office and a third party who donated frames, GSRx donated lenses to benefit displaced patients in need of new glasses.

The first screening was held on November 16, at a shelter in New Providence. Because of the severe damage to the islands, progress has been slow, but more screenings are planned as the Bahamas continue to recover.

Contact your GSRx Sales Representative for an application if you have a charitable cause that is involved in the protection and preservation of sight!

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