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Social Media Tip - Stay Trendy!

Updated: Apr 12, 2021

Some trends we wish stayed around longer; some we hope never come back!

When you're formulating a social media strategy for your practice, stay alert to what the current trends are, especially within your target market. Then, use them to your advantage!

A few current trends:

  • Short video content is dominating social media. Make quick catchy video that tells a story and has a message that speaks to your viewers!

  • Include your audience with user-generated content. Ask them to share an image or experience with a unique hashtag (so you can find it/share it). Real people with positive experiences are the best influencers out there!

  • Authenticity. Stock photos are great and serve a purpose, but when you can, use real images from your office! Introduce your staff, come up with a fun and interactive post that isn't directly related to your business/services every now and then to create personal connections with your followers.

  • Messaging apps. Younger consumers like quick responses; they're more likely to prefer a text or message via an app than a phone call. Have people designated to communicate and respond through these options, and let potential and current patients know they can reach you through them!

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