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epik™ Lens Series


Our most advanced technology for digital, balanced, and active lifestyles.


All-day options for

every vision need.


Digital office lenses for progressive wearers.


Enhanced single vision performance for digital device users.


A breakthrough for bifocal wearers -

no visible line. 

micropoint technology-01.png

Advanced technology provides for visual acuity over entire lens, natural posture while reading, excellent 3D vision and spatial perception, spontaneous compatibility, sharp vision, and fatigue-free reading. Designed for fitting heights of 15-35mm.


Retina Focus Optimization

Infinite Position of Wear

  • Accounts for individual wearing situation 

  • Imaging is true-to-refraction through more accurate powers as experienced by the wearer

Power Optimized Inset

  • Precise positioning of corridor based on wearer’s Rx

  • More natural convergence and easier accommodation

MicroPoint™ Technology

Precision Augmentation

  • More precise calculation of zone sizes

  • Optimally proportioned viewing zones in every frame

  • Easier eye movement from distance to near

Custom Corridor

  • Corridor adjusted for patient’s exact frame shape

  • Excellent near vision with minimal peripheral astigmatism

Full Rx Compensation

  • Design compensated for patient’s Rx

  • Widest viewing zones, regardless of prescription

  • Unique algorithm accounts for high-order aberrations resulting from pupil dilation

  • Enhances clarity and contrast in all lighting, Night+Day


epik™ N+D4™

Pupil-Optimized Correction

N+D4 Logo-02.png

epik™ Variable  (Balanced Performance)

Balanced across the near, intermediate, and distance for excellent performance in the full range of daily activities. For a balanced lifestyle between indoor, outdoor, and device use.

epik™ Variable Device (Digital Lifestyle)

Faster to power, wide intermediate and near. For those who spend additional time on mobile digital devices.

epik™ Variable Active (Active Lifestyle)

Designed for active people with significant amounts of head movement - sports, driving, biking, etc.

epk™ Variable Proressives
people progressives.jpg
people progressives.jpg
epik™ Progressives

epik™ Day & epik™ Standard 

: Low levels of optical astigmatism, skew distortion and swim 
: Near zone is wider (and wider higher up)
: Wide intermediate
: Addition Power Profile that ramps up rapidly
: Generous distance clear above 180


epik™ Standard ★★★

Full Rx Compensation with two options for 14-17mm and 17-22 mm fit heights.


epik™ Day ★★★★

Full Rx compensation with five options for 13, 15, 17, 19, and 21mm fit heights.

epik™ SV-Ultimate

: Our best free form single vision lens
: Widest fields of vision 

: Essential for high-power/cylinder

: OC and mono PD recommended

: NEW Upgrade with N+D4™ pupil-optimized  correction for enhanced contrast and clarity in all lighting situations, Night+Day

traditional SV.jpg
epik™ FFSV Lens.jpg
epik™ Progressives & FFSV
epik™ Office UltraHD
Screen Shot 2021-09-30 at 10.13.41 AM.png


wider fields of vision


simplified prescribing

Office work and many other activities require sustained intermediate and near vision. Progressives do not provide a large enough viewing zone to support these activities comfortably. epik™ Office UltraHD lenses feature wider intermediate and reading zones.

epik™ Office UltraHD Lens Features 

: Designed for wider intermediate and near, low astigmatism.

: Three intermediate focal lengths for simple prescribing.

: 14 to 35mm fitting heights.

: Optimized with Rx and Position of Wear compensation.

: Ordered and fit like a progressive lens.

Office UltraHD Distance Chart.png

epik™ Office UltraHD lenses do not offer a clear field of view beyond 16 feet. They should NEVER be used driving or for activities that require clear distance vision.

© 2021 epik™ Office UltraHD is a trademark of GSRx®, Inc. Parameters such as decentration, prescribed prism, patient Rx and frame parameters will impact actual Rx range.

epik™ Office HD


  • Provide progressive Rx and measurements

  • Choose desired intermediate focal length based on the wearer's requirements.


  • Fit like a progressive lens.

  • Use monocular PD.

  • Minimum frame B dimension of 25mm.

  • 14 to 35mm fitting heights.



  • Order like a progressive, specify the intermediate focal length.


epik™ DRV
DRV People.jpg

UPGRADED Design & Options!


epik™ DRV - Digital Relaxed Vision

Digital eyestrain complaints are highest in the 18-40 age group. Most people hold mobile devices about 25% closer than printed materials, and symptoms of presbyopia are occurring at earlier ages.

epik DRV.jpeg
epik DRV reading.jpg


Wide natural

distance zone

Almost unperceived peripheral astigmatism

Wide enhanced

near zone 

: Enhanced single vision design with patented back-surface free form technology.

: NEW Choice of +0.50, +0.80, or +1.10 diopter power boost in the lower part of the lens.

: Allows eye muscles to relax for easier accommodation and reduced eyestrain.

: Ideal for wearers aged 18 to 40 who need extra near vision support.

: Individual free form design with prescription optimization.

: NEW Available with N+D4™ pupil-optimized correction for enhanced clarity in all lighting.

epik™ iBifocal

The epik™ iBifocal is a breakthrough for D28 wearers with advanced performance and aesthetic appeal - no line. Optimized for high visual acuity over the entire lens, it is quick to full power without disturbing image jump. 

Traditional Bifocal.jpg

: Smooth transition zone - invisible near segment and stepless transition from far to near.

: Wide, accessible near.

: Corridor length around 6mm to reading power (not intended for sustained intermediate vision).

: Free form technology - retina focus principle. 

: MUST be fit like a progressive with proper OC height and Monocular PDs, with a 14mm minimum fitting height, and 20 mm minimum lens height. 

epik™ iBifocal
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