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The GSRx® Brand Manifesto

As optometrists, you aren’t solely in the business of doing business. You’re in the business of caring for your patients’ eyes, and time spent crunching numbers is time that could be better spent. We’re here to help you stay profitable and help you focus on what really matters - helping people see clearly.

With your personal brand on the line, we know that lens technology and performance can’t be compromised. But with industry heavyweights dominating a marked-up market, the big name lenses come with a hefty price tag - for you and your patients. And since patients don’t care what lens brand you use as long as they work, there’s no reason to pay twice as much for the same performance.

We saw a way to produce today’s high performance lenses for half the cost, using the same process, technology, and equipment. GSRx provides you a value-engineered solution that dramatically boosts your bottom line.

We’re here to level the playing field, and we’re here to help independent optometrists win financial liberation. It’s that simple.

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