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Incredible Value = Increased Profit

Up to 40% savings on premium products.

Superior Lens + Coating Technology

Premium products that exceed performance expectations.

The Best Team on the Planet

Stellar service from an experienced, in-house team.



  • The aura™ portfolio:  A complete line of state-of-the-art free-form lenses featuring ND4™ Pupil-Optimized Correction for enhanced contrast and clarity in all lighting - at one price point across materials.

  • Infinity® and Infinity® Clear Non-Glare:  super scratch-resistant, super-hydrophobic coatings with very low residual reflectance.

  • epik™ BLUE:  Clear, absorptive lens material blocks up to 90% between 400-420nm.


  • Proper Optics®:  Consignment program with high-end frame and lens packages that capture more patients for more profit.

  • Family Vision Plan:  Provide a vision care solution directly to employees of local businesses that offer little or no vision benefits.

  • Two+ Pairs:  One pair is never enough™.  Multi-pair all-inclusive eyewear packages.

  • Complete safety eyewear program to keep the profits in your practice.


  • Expert, friendly customer service team averaging 20+ years experience.

  • State-of-the-art, high-capacity laboratory systems and manufacturing.

  • No extra charge for lab processing in most high powers, prism up to 3.00 diopters.

  • No extra charge for Armor™ thermal dipped hard coating.

  • One-stop supplier:  We are a VSP Authorized lab and a UNITY® Allied Lab.

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Park Rapids Eye Clinic

Lowering Cost of Goods 
Fuels Practice Growth
Jennifer Keller, OD

A few years ago, I faced a dilemma that a lot of independent practice owners have been through. I knew we could grow – if only we had the room. We needed a new facility, but we knew it would be a huge investment. Since I didn’t win the lottery, we needed a way to lower our costs significantly. And we found one: by making GSRx® our eyeglass lens and lab service supplier, we reduced our cost of goods by 40%.

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Let's Talk ODs on Finance

As a partner of GSRx through ODs on Finance, you'll have access to:

Savings of up to 40%
on premium products: All-in-one pricing across  materials with the aura™ portfolio of ultra-premium, free-form lenses with epik™ ND4™ pupil-optimized correction technology.

Superior product technology:  Premium lens, coating, and material technology that exceeds performance expectations with no hidden charges for things like power or prism.

The best team on the planet:  Experienced Customer Service and Partner Advancement teams located in the lab, dedicated reps in the field, and access to owners.

Exclusive offers:  Rebates on all products including VSP and insurance orders; and incentives for uncut accounts. 

And so much more! 

Let's Talk.

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