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Lowering Cost of Goods Fuels Practice Growth

Jennifer Keller, OD

A few years ago, I faced a dilemma that a lot of independent practice owners have been through. I knew we could grow – if only we had the room. We needed a new facility, but we knew it would be a huge investment. Since I didn’t win the lottery, we needed a way to lower our costs significantly.

And we found one: by making GSRx® our eyeglass lens and lab service supplier, we reduced our cost of goods by 40%.

Before GSRx, we worked with brand-name suppliers. We didn’t know there was any other way. But we felt that some of those big suppliers were making moves that were horrible for small independent practices. We were frustrated to see them sell directly to consumers online, at prices lower than we had to pay. We also felt that they didn’t offer us a real oppor