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ND4 Pupil-Optimized Correction

As a provider, you demand the best for your patients. At GSRx, we encourage our partners to experience first-hand the quality and craftsmanship of our lenses and technologies. Here's what they have to say:

"The ND4 addon helped with the lights at night. The sunshine does not bother me as bad as it used to. I forgot them at the office one afternoon and really noticed the difference between my other lenses." --Tammy, Office Manager, Texas

"The new epik™ SV-Ultimate ND4 lenses are awesome! I have a high minus prescription and always have a hard time adjusting to new glasses. I have a larger field of vision now and no matter which way I turn my head my vision is amazing - no distortion at all. Also, I can see clearer at night, starbursts and glare off of other vehicles is significantly reduced with these lenses." --Izzy, Technician, Arizona

"Traffic lights and glare have always been a struggle but the ND4 lens has really been a game changer and brought nighttime driving to a whole new level of comfort. I am happy to share this product with patients experiencing the same struggle."

--Brandi, Optician, Minnesota

"Love the new ND4 lens. I noticed the biggest improvement at dusk and my night vision was amazing." --Kim, Optician, Iowa

"This lens is beyond AMAZING! I have issues seeing in low lighting or dim lighting areas. These lenses made me realize what I was missing in my everyday life. Things were sharper and clearer. THANK YOU GSRX!" --Joyce, Optician, Texas

"If you have not yet tried the epik™ BLUE filter coupled with the newest tech (ND4), it is a must have for any and all of your patient needs!" --Kasey, Optical Manager, Arkansas

"Great lens. I could clearly see the small print on a restaurant menu in low lighting."

--Katie, Optician, Kansas

"Vision is crisp in all environments with my new epik™ Variable ND4 lenses."

--Tina, Optician/Optical Manager, Arizona

"Gives me night vision, they were great! A lot sharper images in the night and daytime. My eyes feel more relaxed in these glasses all day! 10 out of 10 recommend."

--Chloe, Optician, Texas

"These are my new favorite lenses. They have no noticeable peripheral distortion and that's saying a lot coming from someone with a -6.75 Rx. This is the first anti-fatigue lens that I've felt like I can drive in...and there's little to no light fringe at night with the ND4."

--Andrea, Optician, Kansas

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