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Social Media Makes It Personal By Anna Koeck, OD

This story is the first in the GSRx Women in Optical Series - educational stories highlighting exceptional women in independent optometry and sharing how they have leveraged various tools, skills, and passions to be successful.

Since Theia Vision Care™ is a startup, we have found social media to be an excellent way of building recognition and a good image in our community. We budget for it, and we make sure to have a marketing calendar and a posting schedule that we follow.

We mostly use unpaid social media. We have worked to create organic content -- it is easy to notice a difference between a stock photo and something that came directly from the source. In general, videos and boomerangs typically get the most likes and views vs. photos for example (Boomerang is an app that turns a series of still photos into a short video). Download the Boomerang app on the App Store or Google Play!

Like eye care, social media is very personal, so we have emphasized that in our approach. When my team noticed how much I enjoy fashion, they suggested we share more of that on social media, and as a result Theia Vision Care Fashion Friday was born. Every Friday we share a fun outfit, which of course includes glasses, and tag our vendor partners such as GSRx® and Proper Optics® for the frames and lenses. We have also collaborated with a student marketing class from a local high school to come up with ideas like Testimonial Tuesday, where we feature a patient of ours, their picture, and what they said about their experience with us.

I also make sure to incorporate my real life with my social media life. For example, I am a member of several local chambers of commerce, along with business leadership, entrepreneurial, and charity groups. I also participate in community and vendor events. We make sure to work with those groups to promote each other and collaborate to help each other on social media.

One example that has been working well is joining local mom and community Facebook groups, and making sure to post and comment there with links. That targets the specific audience and geographic area we are looking for and creates more organic traction when other businesses collaborate with us.

We also make sure to walk the walk. When I ask anyone to shop local, I also refer others to my local chiropractor, dentist, PT, gym, bakery, coffee shop, salon, and much more. I do not go to chain retail options for those. The local vendor partners I use also refer back to us. It is all about relationships. We compete on quality and service at Theia Vision Care. “Care” is in the name of our practice, and connecting with and helping people is what brings me the most joy. As a clinician I need more than seven minutes per patient to effectively listen, so we’ll never be a practice that succeeds through high volume. With the fair pricing model GSRx uses, I do not have to worry about that. I can focus on

taking care of patients and not have to choose between what I believe in and making money. GSRx supports us in every way in an amazing partnership!

Dr. Anna Koeck is the Founder and CEO at Theia Vision Care in Hartland, WI.



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