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epik™ Office HD

Updated: Jul 6, 2021

Office work, as well as many types of hands-on work and hobbies, require sustained intermediate vision. Traditional progressives don’t always provide a large enough viewing zone to support these activities.

epik™ Office HD lenses feature wide intermediate and reading zones. And since every working situation is different, epik™ Office HD is available in the widest availability

of working distances on the market.

epik™ Office Lens Features

  • Wide, clear intermediate and near with low peripheral astigmatism (no distance).

  • Five fixed intermediate focal lengths, measured in inches for clarity.

  • 14mm-35mm fitting heights for all frames.

  • Optimized with Rx and Position of Wear compensation.

  • Ordered and fit like a standard progressive lens.

For additional technical specs, including prescribing and fitting information, click here


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