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Eyesafe, The Vision Council, and ANSI's New Blue Light Standards

GSRx has always put a heavy emphasis on technology, working with global lens manufacturers to stay at the forefront of available lens advancements. For more than five years, epik™ BLUE in-mass UV and blue light absorbing lenses have been available across our portfolio. While schools of thought surrounding the potential effects of HEV light exposure vary, new data and a growing concern about potential hazards created the need for standards and guidance in the eyecare industry. The Vision Council and ANSI put together a task force to do just that.

From the Eyesafe article:

"In the last two decades, we’ve witnessed an extraordinary shift in the way we live. Entertainment, schooling, work, and even social interactions have shifted online. Now, adults use digital devices for an average of 11 hours per day.1 Many medical professionals believe prolonged screen time contributes to digital eye strain, sleep disruption, and even poor mental health.2 The growing list of health issues underscores the need for regulatory guidance, standards, and proactive measures to address our increasing reliance on screens."

In compliance with The Vision Council and ASC Z80 Spectral Bands Task Force's recommendations, GSRx has updated technical documentation regarding our epik™ BLUE lenses. Depending on the lens material selected, epik™ BLUE absorbs up to 90% of HEV2 and HEV1 light bands (400-500nm). These are the ranges identified as potentially harmful for age-related macular degeneration and circadian rhythm impact.

1 Eyesafe estimate based on Nielsen Total Audience Reports, 2018-2023, US. Some amounts of simultaneous usage may occur across devices.

2 Consolidated research available at

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