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GSRx Announces Pupil-Optimized Lenses for Improved Low-Light Clarity

Updated: Mar 31, 2022

epik™ N+D4 enhances vision without additional measurements or equipment

Scottsdale, AZ, December 7, 2021 - GSRx, Inc. today announced the launch of epik™ N+D4™ Pupil-Optimized Correction, a technology that delivers enhanced contrast and clearer vision at night and in low-light conditions.

Pupil-Optimized Correction uses wavefront exam and patient data analyzed from over a million eyeglass wearers in a unique algorithm that optimizes the lens. N+D4™ Night+Day technology does not require specialized equipment to prescribe. The result is enhanced contrast and clearer vision in all lighting conditions, for the best vision possible.

“A common complaint from patients is difficulty seeing clearly at night while driving,” said GSRx CEO David Jochims. “Pupil dilation in low-light conditions can change a patient’s refraction, but standard prescriptions don’t take this change into consideration. Other nighttime driving lenses often have a tradeoff - great night vision, but the clarity of vision during the daylight is affected. And, they require expensive equipment to prescribe. N+D4™ takes into consideration millions of data points to calculate an optimization which improves overall contrast and clarity in all lighting conditions.”

N+D4™ technology is available in GSRx’s premium free-form lenses: epik™ Variable series progressive lenses, Digital Relaxed Vision (DRV) Enhanced Single Vision lenses, and SV Ultimate lenses.

“Since the launch of GSRx, we’ve been committed to providing independent ECPs with the best technology at the best value. Along with recent upgrades throughout our portfolio, this technology truly demonstrates that commitment. Many of our partners agree, and we invite you to read their reviews at,” added Jochims.

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