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GSRx® Expands Portfolio with TriBrid™

Updated: Jun 25, 2021

You can always count on GSRx to provide you with the best technology in lens designs, treatments and materials. That’s why we’re pleased to announce the immediate availability of TriBrid™ from PPG Industries in all of our progressive and single vision designs.

Tribrid™ lenses are produced using a unique hybrid material technology that is the combination of Trivex® lens material and traditional high index technology. The result is a material that offers similar benefits to Trivex®, but in a higher-index lens. With an index of 1.60, TriBrid™ is up to five times stronger than other high-index materials. With a specific gravity of 1.23g/cm, it is also lighter than other high-index materials, while offering exceptional clarity (Abbe value 41). It is an ideal material for any patient who has a stronger prescription, or simply prefers a higher-index material.

TriBrid™ lenses are available with our industry-leading in-mass blue light filter, epik™ BLUE. epik™ BLUE powered by UVhp™ is our blue light-absorptive lens material (not a coating) that reduces blue light exposure by 60% in the hazard range of 380-450nm, and 90% in the 380-420nm range, where others miss out. epik™ Blue lenses are virtually clear, without the brown or yellow tinge found in other blue light filtering products.

In keeping with our commitment to providing you with the best value in the industry, you can upgrade to epik™ Blue in TriBrid® for the same price as in all other materials – just $10.

Tribrid is a trademark and Trivex is a registered trademark of PPG Industries Ohio, Inc.


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