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GSRx Introduces auraND™ Fixed Corridor Night+Day Progressives

Scottsdale, AZ, May 1, 2022 - GSRx, Inc. today announced availability of the auraND™ progressive lens. The premium fixed-corridor lens features ND4™ Pupil-Optimized Correction, a technology that delivers enhanced contrast and clearer vision at night and in low-light conditions. The auraND™ lens will be available at one price point for all materials (CR39, Trivex®, PolyTrue™, 1.60, TriBrid™, and 1.67).

The lens features the same technology as the epik™ Variable lens, but in a fixed-corridor design for specific patient needs. The technology provides for visual acuity over the entire lens, natural posture while reading, excellent 3D vision and spatial perception, spontaneous compatibility, sharp vision, and fatigue-free reading. It is available in fitting heights of 14, 17, and 20mm.

Pupil-Optimized Correction uses wavefront exam and patient data analyzed from over a million eyeglass wearers in a unique algorithm that optimizes the lens. ND4™ Night+Day technology does not requi