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Not All Lens Technology is Created Equal

Updated: Apr 17, 2023

One of the questions we get asked by potential partners is, “How do your lenses compare to….?” Quickly followed by, “And what do they cost?”

These are loaded questions – and GSRx is not interested in a race to the bottom. We know you might find cheaper lenses, but it comes at the expense of quality and technology because not all lenses are created equal.

GSRx works with manufacturers who are innovators and leaders in optics, ensuring our lenses, coatings, and enhancements are the most technologically advanced available.

One of these innovations is our Pupil-Optimization with the ND4 lens series. It is a lens enhancement that takes into consideration higher order of aberration data from over one million patients. It optimizes the lenses to enhance contrast and clarity in low-light situations without compromising visual acuity in the daytime. Wearers of the lenses have noted significantly more comfortable and clear vision - particularly noticeable when driving in the rain as well as at dusk and nighttime. (Read real testimonials here.)

Beyond the technology, we put a heavy focus on the VALUE of working with GSRx. Even though we can help improve your bottom line on premium products, it isn’t only about cost.

  • The GSRx customer service team has decades of experience and industry knowledge. They’re in-house, and they’re empowered to do what it takes.

  • We offer several turnkey point-of-sale programs, which include customized educational and marketing materials. These programs, such as Proper Optics frame packages with free frame consignment, the Family Vision Plan, and Two+ Pairs packages, allow you to provide your patients with premium eyewear and their best vision possible.

  • Our aura™ pricing portfolio features the most premium GSRx lenses with ND4 technology at one price point for all materials (CR39, Poly, Trivex®, 1.60, 1.67), for offices committed to providing only the best for every patient.

We are confident in the quality and technology of our lenses and the value of working with GSRx…but the real strength is in the partnership. We’ll put our lenses and technology up against any other lenses in a head-to-head comparison. There are many ways GSRx can add value to your practice!

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