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Introducing epik™ BLUE

Updated: Apr 9, 2021

As we’ve all seen, concern about the effects of blue light is increasing among eye care professionals and patients alike.  We feel strongly that every patient who uses digital devices should be educated about these effects, and an appropriate solution should be recommended.  GSRx has an outstanding blue light filter lens: UV Hyper Protection, or UVhp™. But to help you communicate the message of blue light protection, we’re giving it a separate consumer-facing name: epik™ BLUE. To avoid complicating the ordering process, the UVhp™ name will not change in our price book and on our menus.   UVhp™/epik™ BLUE has outstanding blue-light filtering properties.  It blocks approximately 90% of blue light rays between 400 and 420nm, and about 45% of the harmful range overall.  The lenses are virtually clear, without the brown or yellow tinge found in other in-mass blue filtering products.

To aid in communicating the message of epik™ BLUE to your patients, we’ve developed an infographic, a patient brochure and a poster.  But the most effective communication is a face-to-face conversation with the patient.   Patients should know that blue light contributes to Digital Eye Strain, and may play a role in sleep disorders and AMD.  Blue light protection is a prudent step for both adults and kids.

For more information and to order epik™ BLUE sales aids, please contact your GSRx rep or call Customer Service at 800-833-4779.


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