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The Evolution of GSRx Technology

When we founded GSRx, we couldn’t help but notice how brand-name lens manufacturers upgrade their technology: they tend to make a big deal out of minor product improvements, they often launch entirely new product lines based on these minor improvements, and these new products are generally more expensive than the products they replaced.

So we set out three principles for our product line: we had to incorporate the best in lens technology; we had to sell it for what it should cost, and we had to make it simple to understand and simple to use. We decided never to use performance upgrades as an excuse to launch a “new” product that would cost you more or create confusion for your staff or your patients.

We have upgraded our products continually since we started in 2014, but have rolled out our improvements “in-line” under existing product lines and pricing. Here are some of the improvements we’ve made over the years:

2014: We launched GSRx with three progressive designs and single vision lenses in five materials. The initial GSRx-Ultra HD progressives reflected a design philosophy that we maintain today: shorter corridors with add powers that the eye reaches more quickly to reflect the viewing requirements of digital devices. Prices were (and still are) almost 50% lower than brand-name lenses with similar performance.

2016: We rebranded our lens series under the name epik™. Designs were upgraded using the Retina Focus Principle, which provides more precise vision by incorporating position-of-wear measurements. To meet all lifestyle needs, we have three epik™ Variable lens designs, with versions for active and digital-intensive lifestyles, along with an enhanced single vision lens, the epik™ DRV (Digital Relaxed Vision) to reduce digital eye strain for younger wearers, and epik™ Office lenses for computer/office work. We expanded our lens treatment lineup with premium Infinity® Clear Non-Glare and in-mass UV and blue light protection which is now called epik™ BLUE. Despite all these upgrades, prices remained the same.