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The Road to a New Normal

Updated: Apr 12, 2021

According to a survey by The Vision Council, consumer concern resulting in cancellation of visits and eyewear purchases is on the decline, more ECPs are reopening, and many are reporting unchanged or increased eyecare purchase capture rates over the previous several weeks.

Whether your practice stayed open, has reopened, or you are planning your reopening, it is still possible however that you will be dealing with reduced patient volume as well as more cost-conscious consumers.

To not just recover but thrive again, you need partners who you can rely on, and who can address the special needs that the situation creates. GSRx is uniquely positioned to offer you what you need to succeed – now more than ever.

Cost of goods. The suppressed business climate will likely have a big impact on eyewear sales, but many of your costs are fixed. Under these circumstances, reducing your cost of goods becomes more significant. Working with GSRx allows you to save 40-50% per month on your lab bill -- with no compromises in product quality, performance or technology. That means you can reduce your cost of goods significantly while maintaining the highest level of patient satisfaction.

Patient communication and demand generation. People are spending more time at home, and statistics indicate that they are spending even more time than usual on social media. This creates the opportunity to use social media to stay in contact with your patients and others in your community. GSRx lets you leverage the power of social media through a unique program that creates Facebook ads distributed in your market area, and posts for your Facebook page. It’s a great way to stay in contact with your patients and meet new ones at this critical time.

In-office Safety. GSRx offers free downloadable patient communication templates to help keep your patients and staff safe during appointments, and has compiled resources for other in-office safety equipment.

Above all, we offer you a true partnership from a supplier that is dedicated to the success of independent practices. Our success depends completely on yours, so we work every day to make your practice stronger, in good times and in tough times.


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