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The Foundation of Stellar Customer Service in Your Practice

As an optometry practice, most if not all of your competition is advertising a similar message: quality eye care and the best customer service. But what does stellar customer service mean? We think it encompasses attitude, communication skills, knowledge of your products and services, and knowing when to go the extra mile.

The execution of good customer service might vary by situation, but each experience should produce the same outcome: A raving fan who refers their friends.

The foundations of customer service help you build the best experience possible:

  1. A positive attitude. It might sound cliché, but positivity is a significant component of superb customer service. First, look at the situation from the customer's point of view. This allows you to understand their individual needs, proactively avoid issues, and build a trusting relationship. Each team member keeping a positive attitude cultivates an atmosphere that patients feel when they walk through the door. Even when frustrations arise, staying positive can help you creatively problem-solve and maintain a good relationship with the patient.

  2. Strive to make a difference in patients’ lives. You are in the profession of helping patients get the best vision possible. Each patient should receive attentive, empathetic care, whether it is a routine eye exam or an ocular disease diagnosis. Knowing what products will fit the patient's lifestyle and visual health needs and believing in their value allows you to make a difference in their lives consciously.

  3. Go the extra mile. We've all heard the adage, "the customer is always right." But we also know the instant gratification digital age has turned some customers into habitual complainers who can have unrealistic demands. Clear communication and being knowledgeable in your products and upfront with pricing so customers don't feel like you're hiding something go a long way. Sometimes, the little touches like keeping personal notes to follow up on or complimenting patients can make their day. Remember to compliment them on something they have control over - their fashion sense, always being on time, for the volunteer efforts they do in your community, etc.! In the situations there is a problem, the "extra mile" might be several options: staying a few minutes late for someone to pick up their glasses, including a free case and extra cleaner, or even personally delivering a patient’s eyewear.

Stellar customer service is more than a blurb on your website. It is the foundation of a successful practice and ensures your patients receive care unlike any they've received before.

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